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Centralized Data: get an accurate, real-time assessment of your operations

Where is your data? Is it in a filing cabinet, on a half dozen spreadsheets? Are your employees keeping separate files and unable to share the information? Are management reports out-of-date by the time they can be generated?  A centralized database combined with web access is the solution.


Medical Sales and Service Provider


Company data is scattered in individual spreadsheets with no ability to share the information. Management reporting is non-existent due to the complexities of consolidating  data.


Create a centralized database to consolidate company data and power a secured, private web site. The secured web site allows employees to enter information once and make it available to everyone instantaneously. It also allows them to access data  from a remote location - an important feature for the sales department. Management can mine the centralized data for real-time, accurate operational and profitability reporting.

Our client has attributed their recent expansion in part to their data consolidation. They say the ability to measure profitability, streamline communications, and automate processes has  given them a competitive edge in their industry.


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