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Empower customers to place and track orders online

Are your customers asking for direct access to their information? Would empowering your customers streamline your ordering process? Providing your customers with a secured, private web site is the solution.


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The customer ordering process is complicated and requires a lot of manual effort. This manual effort   increases order fulfillment  time as well as introduces costly data entry mistakes.


Streamline the customer ordering process by allowing customers to access their information online, place orders, and track orders.  Customer access is enabled through a secure, private web site.  Customer orders placed through the secure site are immediately available for processing; no manual effort is required.  The customer is empowered by having access to their information at any time,  and they receive their orders quickly.         

Our client has attributed their ability to handle increases in business to the streamlined ordering process. They have also been able to use the Customer Access feature as a competitive advantage in attracting new customers.


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