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Allow customers access to their account

Do your employees spend many hours a day pulling together and creating the same information for  your customers? Would you like to empower your customers so your employees can spend quality time generating new business? A database powered web site is the solution.


Medical Sales and Service Provider


How do you produce reports for customers without adding administrative positions, or taking the sales department's focus away from generating new business?


Create a web site that allows customers to: view information regarding their inventory, swap inventory, and dictate vital decisions regarding their account.

By granting customers access to their data through a  secured private web site, our client has lowered administrative costs and increased sales calls by reducing redundant busy work. Our client's customers now have the ability to have many questions answered regarding their account without having to make extra phone calls, send faxes, or correspond via emails. This solution saves time and money for both our client and our client's customers. 


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